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What do other survey gizmo users use as a back-end database to house all their survey gizmo results over time?  I’m looking to house all of our results in one location on our company server (not in the report silos on SG).

Jim Wetherill answered
    Lola Gill 6.99K Rep.

    I’m not sure if this would suit your needs, but Salesforce can certainly be used to house a large amount of customer data (and you can map survey responses to customer records).

    SurveyGizmo is integrated with Salesforce so you can push survey data to Salesforce as well as pull Salesforce data into SurveyGizmo.

    Here is some info on the Salesforce integration in SG:

    Not sure if this is the type of thing that you are looking for, but hopefully this is helpful.


    Lola Gill answered

      For major surveys, we place copies of the survey legend, a response export file in csv format, and any relevant documentation in our internal network.

      We are usually content to leave the rest of the surveys sit on SurveyGizmo’s Amazon Web servers.  Our project directors may retain copies of the data in their own archives, but there is no corporate directive that everyone follows. Data in our working environment has a short shelf life, so there is usually no advantage to preserving it once the analysis has been published.

      Jim Wetherill answered

        @Julie ZawackiLucc  have you come up with a solution. I having being thinking the same thing where i am working. 

        brendan answered


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