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Is it possible that we purchase survey gizmo software so that can store all data in-house versus on the survey gizmo cloud?

Lizzy Tekkel asked
    • I’d like to know this too — I want to use surveys for new hire stuff, but don’t really want their personal information floating around online (even if “secure”)

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    Hi Everyone!

    Great questions. We no longer offer the ability to store data outside of SG or the cloud. In the past, we would set up a private database for an additional cost, but unfortunately it just never led to a particularly stable experience, so we removed this option.

    If you’re interested in reading up on our security and privacy policies, check out the details here:


    Thanks for checking out our community!


    Taylor Morgan answered

      Hey Lizzy and Alexander,

      I’m not positive about this but I’m pretty sure they are the only ones that will store SG data. @Alexander- data is always private and secure. I wouldn’t be worried about that.


      Molly Hooper answered


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