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I have completed my data collection and I have exported the data to an excel sheet.

However, a problem exists in parts of the final data. At the beginning of a number of sections, I have started with a yes / no question. Yes means continue, and no means skip this section. The final output is displaying the full command instead of “no” despite utilising the reporting value option found in the advanced setting options. 

Also, I have a similar problem with the drag and drop output.

Do you have any suggestions?






murray380675 asked

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    I have run into this before, in my case I did not have the reporting values defined prior to starting my data collection… did you have these reporting values set before launching the survey, or were they changed during the data collection period? If so, that this the likely cause…

    SG has some best practices for editing reporting values here:


    When I ran into my issue, I contacted SurveyGizmo and was given a workaround to try:

    • edit the affected question
    • change the existing reporting values slightly, perhaps just add a ‘1’ at the end (even if they are correct), save the question.
    • edit the question again and change the reporting values back to the correct values
    • click on the validation tab and either ‘require or un-require’ (this triggers the changes to hit the servers), once this is done, click Save.

    I was told that this should work in most cases – there are certain question types where updates to reporting values will not update the survey (Dropdown menu grids and custom tables).

    Hope this helps a little

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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