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I am working on sending a mass email to over 50,000 respondents for a national survey. Is there a way to customize their unique survey links to list such that the ending numbers are their unique IDs? I want to avoid using misc numbers or the link being extra long or excessive.

I know about customizing and securing the link using the advance settings. I just find that I cant control the numbers that appear afterward.


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Natalie Orozco asked

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    It’s not possible to customize those numbers you’re referring to that are at the end of the links.  I’ve asked about this before.  Those numbers are generated by sg, they’re basically sg’s version of the unique ID for each person, it’s how sg’s system tracks the people who respond to the survey.  If you’re using sg’s built in email campaigns, you have to use those sg generated unique ID numbers.

    Chad Wilco answered

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      Natalie Orozco answered


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