Customize Save and Continue form



1. Could we customise the colours, is not corporate for example the grey colour should be green (colour code: #85a00c)
2. The text is in English. could we insert a German one, very important!?
3. The client should get an email from particular email and NOT from survey gizmo. Could we change that?
4. What’s happen when you interrupt the process, you get also an Email? Please show in video


Please respond on this asap

wolfk answered
    1. Customizing the colors is possible. It’s explained here:
    2. The text of the save-and-continue can certainly be made into German. My organization has French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese — I’m sure German is possible. See translation information here:
    3. It’s easy to change the email details for the save-and-continue message, including the address the email comes from. See an explanation here:
    4. If you interrupt the save-and-continue process, it does not work — no email message is received. Maybe somebody else has different experience on this.


    wolfk answered


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