Customize Save & Continue Email Content

  1. Can we integrate logo in email
  2. Can we give some other text instead of survey gizmo link for continue link

Please advise on above asap

shpendthaqi answered

    Instead of showing full survey gizmo continue link in mail, I need to give simple text and on clicking on that text it should redirect to survey gizmo


    Please provide solution on above asap

    shpendthaqi answered

      The Save & Continue Email content can be customized via Text & Translations as described here:

      This will allow you to edit the body of the message, though you will need to make sure to not change the [%%CONTINUE_LINK%%] merge code as that is that part of the email that dynamically pulls in the link needed for Save & Continue to function.

      I hope this helps!

      Dominic Sharpe answered


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