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I was unable to find a way to customize colors of separate blocks of pie chart. Different Pie charts on same report show different colors for same option or at times the same color of different data.

I am looking for a way to give a standard color to one option across all pie charts in 1 report.

Survey1 Gizmo answered

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    The way colors are assigned to pie charts in reports is based on the answer count of the option.

    For example the answer selected the most is always blue, the second most answered option is always green, etc.

    There is not a way to style the report using the built in options to assign a certain color to a certain answer option, but maybe this is possible with CSS customizations.

    Dominic Sharpe answered

      I was having this issue and realized it was because some of the response options had zero responses. I found that if I went into Edit Report Element: Settings for pie charts where one of the categories had zero responses and checked the checkbox “Show all options in graph” that this solved the issue on the graph itself. Unfortunately, the colors in the table below are not updating to reflect the changes in the pie chart 🙁

      Survey1 Gizmo answered


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