How do I customize a pdf to only display a certain page of a survey?


I am trying to output a pdf (via an email action) that will only output the page that I specify.  Reason being, I have taken all of the responses from previous pages of the survey and have piped them all into text fields on another page in a format that we need them in.  I know I have to enable printing the text elements in order to have them show up but I ONLY want the page which has this stuff to appear as a PDF.  Thoughts?

Eillen Bu answered

     Hi Mary-

    Are there any more working example of custom scripting for PDFs?  The ones that are shown do not show us how to incorporate the ‘GetValue’ function for use in creating the Text for the PDF… they only show “Text to include in PDF” which is useless for me..




    Maggiemiller answered

      Hi Maggiemillar,

      It doesn’t look like there is built in functionality to do this.  You might be about to accomplish this with SurveyGizmo’s custom scripting feature.  Check out the available PDF Functions here:


      Mary L (Moderator) commented


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