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How do I customize my response result PDF to be different from the actual data collection web interface?

I would like to have individual responses as individual reports with texts different to questions  at the time of data collection?


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Steve answered

    Are you referring to the PDFs that you can download via Results > Individual Responses:

    If so, I’m afraid these PDFs can’t be customize to be different from the survey questions/answers. There are a handful of settings to toggle certain items on/off as described in the above link, but not a way to fully customize the content.

    If you are referring to different PDFs, feel free to clarify!


    Bob Antonijevic Fleet Management Services B commented
      • Thanks Dominic,

        That is what I was after.
        It would be nice if individual PDF responses could be transformed/exported into meaningful reports. Often survey questions don’t fit well when trying to present response as a report.

        Appreciate your assistance



      No – the download individual responses isn’t customizable at all.  The last I checked, you couldn’t even customize the names of the files like you can on the emailed response PDFs (e.g. having the file name use a merge code that pulled in the name of the respondent).


      However, you could use custom script to create emailed response to you after each response is sent.  The downside is you have to set this up prior to survey launch – since the action happens when they take the survey. 

      Here is an example of using the script to create a certificate – you could modify it to use different questions if you wanted it to be more of a individual response report.

      If you scroll down and look for the PDF functions on the left hand side of the script help page, it can give you an idea of how to make changes.  However, without some knowledge of programing, it is not very user friendly (though, it is a lot easier than javascript).

      Unless you are going to be doing this for a lot of surveys in the future, it might not be worth automating the process using a custom script.  It might make more sense to just download into excel, and use filters to split out what you want.  If you have SPSS, you could use custom tables to help, though you would have more control of the output if you used R (assuming someone in your office knows it). 


      Steve answered


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