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Hi Everyone. I am creating a customised report and am looking to highlight certain responses to a question. I am wanting to allocated a certain colour to two groups of responses, and leave the others a different colour. Is this possible? At the moment I know that this can be done based upon most popular response. Thanks

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    Hey There –

    Elements within a report can only be customized to a certain degree. In addition to this, data collected through certain question types can only be displayed in specific ways. For instance, Radio Button Grid style questions will indeed report as a table where darker colors represent more popular data points. There is a visual representation here…


    I haven’t seen the distribution of these colors changed within SurveyGizmo. However, I have seen folks export the report into a Word document and manipulate the look/feel of the report element there.


    It sounds like if you’re wanting to alter how the colors are distributed within the chart, than you’ll need to tackle the issue outside of SurveyGizmo.

    Justin - Technical Zen Master answered


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