Custom Table Export Rows not in Order


I Have a survey that I copied from one that was used in 2015. The survey contains a custom table that collects multiple data records from the same respondent.

           Column 1    Column 2  Column 3 …

Row 1     Data            Data        Data

Row 2     Data            Data        Data

Row 3     Data            Data        Data

…           Data            Data        Data 

Row 15   Data            Data        Data

When I exported the results the CSV/Excel file in 2015 would report the data by each column,

1:Column1 | 2:Column1 | 3:Column1 | … | 15:Column1 | 1:Column2 |

In 2016, the export now changes the order of rows.

1:Column1 | 2:Column1 | 12:Column1 | 13:Column1 | 14:Column1 | 15:Column1 | 4:Column1 | …

The new survey is a copy, whose basic format and tables were not changed.

Could you tell me why the row order would change from one copy to the next?




Dominic Sharpe answered

    It’s a bit difficult to say (other Community users do not have access to your survey/data, etc.).

    Generally when I have seen this type of behavior, it was due to editing my survey questions after having collected data (I’m not sure if that is a possibility in your case).

    You might consider contact SurveyGizmo support as they will be able to take a closer look and troubleshoot:

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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