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I am trying some custom scripting, however I am finding a bit challenging understanding the basics (e.g. how to use common operators (if, else, etc). I checked the resources available, but they seems to me a bit general on this, giving maybe for granted some previous knowledge.

Is there any resource to suggest/provide?

thanks a lot

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    I found this webinar recording that might be helpful:

    Also, have you looked at the working examples here:

    Hope these help!

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      • Hello!
        thanks a lot for the links, the webinar indeed helped!

        Although I still miss some more general knowledge. Just to make an example, I think I understood that placing a “!” before a formula tells SG to do the opposite, e.g. “if (! (x == y)” would mean “if x is different from y” (right?).

        I think it would be very useful to have a basic guide on the language 🙂

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      SG custom scripting is based on PHP. From your example of the exclamation point being the NOT operator, that might be where you want to look. There are a lot of resources for getting started with php, but one starting point is:

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