Custom script to repeat a question upon the results of a Rank Drag & Drop




I am trying to write a script that repeats a question by parsing the result of a drag and drop ranking [1].


I found the script to hide/show pages according to the result of a ranking D&D in the docs,

what I miss the how can I repeat a particular question from custom scripting logics.


Is that possible?


According with [2] this is the only way to link the repeat logic to the ranking question..





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    Sorry, could you explain your situation in more detail? I really do not understand what you are starting from or what you are trying to accomplish.

    It sounds like you have a radio button or checkbox question:

    Q1 Which of these is good? (A, B, C, D)

    And a ranking question:

    Q2 Order these from best to worst: (W, X, Y, Z)

    And a repeat of Q1:

    Q3 Which of the things you didn’t select in Q1 are good? (A, B, C, D) 

    What I don’t get is what effect you expect the ranking question to have on the repeat question. 



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