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I have create a custom script and it works in survey. I would like to have the result into report…how can I do it?


Donatella Fiorentino asked

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    Hi Donatella!

    To record data that you have generated with a Custom Script action, you will want to use the sgapiSetValue() function. This function allows you to set the value of a field, whether that’s a Textbox question or Hidden Value action.

    Once you have stored your data in a field, it will then be available for reporting and exporting.

    To learn more about this function and see a few examples of its use, check out the tutorial below 🙂


    I hope this helps to answer your question!

    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered

      Reports provide data for survey questions or hidden elements. The best option to have the script result in a report is likely to output the result of your script into a question or hidden value so that it is stored as an answer on the survey.

      Hope that at least points you in the right direction.

      Dominic Sharpe answered

        Thank you Nathan!

        But your solution requires me to manually enter the result into the script.
        But I used the script “sgapiResultsQuestionAverage” to calculate the mean and I would like to see this result in the report.

        Donatella Fiorentino answered
          • Hey Donatella 🙂 I might recommend an introduction course to PHP to help bridge this gap for you:


            What you’re looking to do is fairly straightforward, once you have a basic grasp of variables in PHP (which the SurveyGizmo Custom Scripting language is based upon). Something like this:

            %%result = sgapiResultsQuestionAverage(%%questionYouWantTheAverageOf);
            sgapiSetValue(%%hiddenField, %%result);


          Thanks for your reply!!

          However I don’t know how insert a custom script into an hidden value…

          Someone has already done it?


          Donatella Fiorentino answered


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