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I am trying to put together a survey where multiple associates will be providing feedback on a particular manager. I see that in the first question of the survey, I apply a drop down menu with the managers’ names and assign “Reporting Values” to each manager. I would like to create 1 survey and allow them to rate multiple managers (taking the survey 3 or 4 times and selecting a different manager each time they take it). Do I need to do anything else to pull reports individually tied to the managers name (other than assigning custom reporting values)?



Stephanie Reaves58430 asked

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    Hey Stephanie- I don’t think you need multiple reporting values. I think what might be easier is having a checkbox question at the beginning asking them which managers they would be rating. They system could then repeat the rating page based on the checkboxes that they answered. It would either be through page piping or question piping. Hope that’s helpful to you. 🙂

    Molly Hooper answered


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