custom CSS to increase the size of stars icons




I need to increase the size of star rating tables in my survey. 


Is someone knows how to adjust the instructions below provided for other kinds of icons to the stars?


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Make Icons Larger

Go to the Style tab and scroll to the bottom of the survey preview. Click the HTML/CSS Editor link. Copy and paste the below CSS code in the field on the Custom CSS tab! 

Under Layout > Layout Options tab, make sure the option to Use Default Browser Icons for Radio Buttons and Checkboxes is unchecked.

This will apply to all questions that use either a radio button or a checkbox icon. This includes Radio Button, Radio Button Grid, Checkboxes, Checkbox Grid, Ranking Grid, Rating (Likert Scale) and Net Promoter Score.

<code class="rainbow" data-language="CSS">
.sg-replace-icons input[type=radio] + <span class="entity name tag">label</span><span class="entity name pseudo">:before</span>,
<span class="entity name class">.sg-replace-icons</span> <span class="entity name tag">input</span>[<span class="entity name tag">type</span>=<span class="entity name tag">checkbox</span>] + <span class="entity name tag">label</span><span class="entity name pseudo">:before</span> {
    <span class="comment">/* Default font size */</span>
    <span class="comment">/* font-size:1.3em; */</span>
    <span class="comment">/* Larger font size */</span>
    <span class="support css-property">font-size</span>: <span class="constant numeric">25</span><span class="keyword unit">px</span>;
Lola Gill answered
    Lola Gill 6.99K Rep.

    In my experience this is a bit complex due to the fact that the stars are images and can’t be adjusted in the same way that radio buttons/checkboxes might be.

    A possible alternate option could be to use radio buttons and replace the radio buttons with stars per the solution described here:

    There are a number of documented available icons here:

    Lola Gill answered


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