[Solved] Custom Contact Variable not being read.


We have a custom contact variable called [contact(state)] that is currently not being pulled in by a hidden value. We have enough space for this contact variable to exist and it is filled from the perspective of the contact list, but it just can’t be read as a hidden value in our survey.

We need this to work to check contact information and update it. Does it have something to do with the fact that [contact(region)] is *supposed* to be the state variable?


Thank you.

Nick Lisa asked

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    Hey Nick – these custom variables built into a campaign do not have to follow any kind of predetermined format. You could map a respondent’s favorite flavor of ice cream to [contact(region)] if you wanted to.

    With that said, if you have data mapped to a certain field within a given contact and then reference that value properly within a hidden value it should pull through. However, if you’re just wanting this value to be a part of the data set, this step isn’t required. When you run an Excel Export you can elect to include email campaign contact data automatically. I assume you’re wanting to capture this value in the survey and then use it for a specific reason?

    I would first verify that all contacts have data mapped here and then test through a new campaign. There really isn’t a quick way to troubleshoot this. It’s just a matter of testing, making a slight change, and then testing all the way through again. It will be unique to your survey.

    Justin - Technical Zen Master answered


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