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I’m using cascading dropdown menu object to load prepopulated answers into comboboxes;

Is there any way to customize it? Whenever the user does not find any valid option, I would like to suggest a textbox object, and they can input a new answer. If there is this functionality, this new option will be loaded for the next user?



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    Unfortunately, this capability is not available for the Cascading Drop Down Question (no option for other text box or populating an option for other respondents).

    Other question types will give you an option for an ‘other, please specify’ answer, but there is not a way to take that answer and present it to other respondents.

    I hope this helps clarify

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      I would like to ask some questions according to your surveygizmo.

      The followings are the survey format that I would like to create.

      Question Type: Cascading Dropdown and Import Excel File. 


      I would like to end the questionnaire, when respondents choose the choice of “n./a.” Thus, how to do so? Could you give me a suggestion?

      I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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