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I am using a question with a currency validation. It automaticly insert a dollar sign ($).

How / where can I change this to a Euro sign (€)?

Marius asked

    I can’t tell you why the regex code is not working – that is beyond my skill set.

    Is your PROJECT CURRENCY set to Euro? Click on the ADVANCED >GENERAL SETTINGS – it is the 6th option down on the list.

    Jim Wetherill answered
      • That’s it Jim! Thanks a lot!

      • Great – happy to be useful. The menu path I gave you is just for the current survey. You can go into ACCOUNT > ACCOUNT SETTINGS > GENERAL SETTINGS and make the Euro the default currency for all of your surveys.

      • I gues what happened was that when the GENERAL SETTING currency sign is set to $ it is not possible to override it by changing setting to € in the VALIDATION TAB of the specific question. Then it causes the survey to crash at that question.

      Marius 184 Rep.

      I am still looking for a solution why the advise Jim gave did not work.
      What went wrong??

      It would be great if anyone had a tip!

      Marius answered
        Marius 184 Rep.

        Tried it out this evening, but there seems to be a serious bug with this! The moment I followed your advise and changed the settings to the currency sign we got a mail from a customer telling us his session crashed at this question. I have tried it myself and it keeps crashing so we had to set it back to standard currency which is the dollar sign. (Which is a bit silly keeping in mind we run on the European SG site …) Do you or anyone else has a solution? I would like to repair this very much!

        Thanks in advance!


        Marius answered

          Edit the question and open the VALIDATION tab.  Under the ANSWER FORMAT dropdown select REGEX.

          Selecting REGEX will open two new input fields on the VALIDATION tab.  Click on the COMMON PATTERNS option  and you will find two options for validating currency input for the Euro –

          Regex is an acronym for regular expressions.  You can do a Google search and learn more about them, but basically for our purposes they provide validation routines for specialized purposes –

          Jim Wetherill answered


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