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I exported in a CSV file some individual responses of the survey: HOW WAS YOUR CHECK-IN EXPERIENCE?

I would like now  to import that responses in a new identical survey called: HOW WAS YOUR CHECK-IN EXPERIENCE? – MILAN

It should be a very easy operation, but I do not have success in doing it! Export of a CSV file and import of a CSV file

Why is so complicated?

Please let me know.

Matteo Checchini asked

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    What issues are you having?  I do this regularly, where I export out data from a survey, then import in an answer to one question.  After I export the data from Results > Exports, I delete all columns except the Response ID and the question that I want to import. (In my case, I’m updating this field) Then, I save it as a .csv.  and go to Tools> Import Data. Select CSV delimeter = comma.  Select the file.  Then I  match up the CSV columns with the Survey Questions, the first is always Response ID = Match on Response ID.   

    The only issues I’ve seen so far, are sometimes I have maybe 40-50 rows and it only imports the first 10 or so.  So, I just re-do the import, deleting those first few rows and it works.  Here’s the only directions I’ve followed: http://help.surveygizmo.com/help/article/link/data-import.  If it doesn’t work, I’d download the import log and send to SG support to review.


    Hope this helps!

    Sheila Bloom answered


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