CSS code to hide everything from video playback, except for the fullscreen button


Greetings to everyone,

I am creating a survey based on visual perception, and I need to show some video clips to the participants. There are two important things that I would need to achieve to properly run the survey. First, I need to make sure that everybody sees the video just once. I have accomplished it by using some CSS code I found around, which allowed me to hide every control on surveygizmo video player. Moreover even if the clips are a few seconds long, I have kept a black frame at the end of the video for 5 minutes, in order to prevent the participants from starting video clip again. However, as visual perception is involved, it would be great if there was a way to actually hide everything from the video player, except for the fullscreen button. In this way the participants would still see the video just once, but at least they would be able to see the videos with a reasonable size.


Thank you in advance for any eventual help


IS answered
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    It seems that the Javascript Action needs to be AFTER the video clip but on the same page.

    Sorry, I didn’t realize that was a requirement.


    Albertobass commented

      Greetings IS, 

      first of all, thank you for your time. I am quite a noob so I am not sure if I am doing the right thing. For now I created a Javascript Action right before the video clip, and I have pasted (and corrected with the straight quotes) the code you suggested. I have attached a picture so that you can see if I am doing something wrong.

      I have tried the survey, however I am not able to see the fullscreen button. I have also tried removing the CSS code I am already using, but in that case I just get back all the controls and buttons.

      Probably I missed something, as I said I am quite a newbie with this sort of things 🙂



      Albertobass answered
        IS 2.21K Rep.

        Try creating a Javascript Action with the following:

        features: [’fullscreen’]

        IS commented
          • Almost forgot. If you copy and paste the code above, be aware that this forum changes straight quotes to left and right quotes which will cause the javascropt to fail. Replace the left and right single quotes with straight quotes.



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