Crosstabs on Free Accounts?


There are very few functions available for free accounts, but creating a crosstab report seems to be one that is allowed (there is no lock symbol on it). However, when clicking create a crosstab report, a full conventional report shows with no obvious way to choose the question you want as the defining one.  If I want to do a crosstab of the age brackets of my respondents against each of the other questions, there seems to be no way to select that.  Am I missing something?



Edgar Dworsky answered

    Thanks, Lola… that is a big loss for me… because I used to be able to do crosstabs (and as noted, it is still listed as an option in my interface).



    Edgar Dworsky answered
      Lola Gill 6.98K Rep.

      Crosstabs are not available on my Free Account and the per the documentation, it is available to Pro and Team Edition plans only:

      Perhaps there is something that has not quite updated within your account? You might need to reach out to SG Support and have them take a look into this (

      Hope this helps!

      Lola Gill answered


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