Crosstab can’t see dropdown in custom group?


Hi, I have a survey where the customer has decided they would like a crosstab report run but the questions they want to run the crosstab on are dropdown fields in a custom question (we grouped a dropdown with location and an open-ended text field for other) and they aren’t appearing in the crosstab option but they do appear in the comparison option. They are just dropdown fields so I don’t understand why I can use them for the comparison report but not crosstab.

If I can’t use this type of field, is there a way to get at that data another way or is the comparison report by only option?


Survey1 Gizmo answered

    Is your custom question a Custom Group or a Custom Table? Custom Tables are fairly complex questions from a back-end standpoint and could explain the limitation.

    The Crosstab documentation has compatible questions listed:

    While Custom Group questions are listed as compatible, Custom Tables are not.

    Dominic Sharpe answered

      It is a Custom Group question with a dropdown for country (what I’m trying to use) and an open-ended text question for “other” (that I am not trying to use).

      When I look at the questions that I can use for the crosstab, the other dropdowns that are not in a Custom Group show up but not the dropdowns in Custom Group questions. However, they do show up when I look at the Comparison report.

      Is it possible it is a bug?


      Survey1 Gizmo answered


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