Creating a Time Series Chart with R in the Standard Report


I’m trying to create a dashboard report using the standard report in SuveyGizmo that shows monthly results.  For some of the measures I need to show a mean score.  One of the solutions I’m looking at using is creating an R Script.  

Is anyone aware of any documentation that shows how to do this?   The example shown on the site below does not show how to get the data from a survey or how to calculate the mean.



Margie Hertneck answered

    I’m trying to use R as well. This is likely the worst documentation I’ve seen. I can’t imagine anyone using the R Script feature without more than the link you provided above. This either isn’t a fully baked solution or a well kept secret to keep customization consulting in high demand.

    freestyle35 answered

      I’m giving up on any R scripting/reporting in SurveyGizmo – no offense but this stinks.

      Margie Hertneck answered
        anna 20 Rep.
        I tried multiple times with the only example you provided. And got errors even with R basics assignment. I'm very disappointed, R script is not working.<br /><br />Please do something about it.<br /><br />c1 <- c('cat', 'dog', 'mouse')<br />v1 <- c(5, 10, 15)<br />sgAddChart('chart1', c1, v1)<br /><br />Error: object 'c1' not found<br /><br />Execution halted
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        Admin - SurveyGizmo commented

          Hi there,

          Thank you both for your interest in the R Script feature and for the feedback regarding the current documentation concerning the implementation of the feature.

          We have short-term plans to improve/expand on the referenced documentation. Specifically, we will be including specific use-cases/examples to help illustrate how one might incorporate R Scripts into the Standard Report.

          We will update this thread as soon as we have made progress on this!

          I’m sorry for the frustrations with the documentation content. Thank you both for your feedback!

          David Domagalski
          Documentation Specialist | Customer Experience
          SurveyGizmo |

          Admin - SurveyGizmo answered


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