creating a thumbnail image selector within SurveyGizmo


Good morning,


I want to display a few larger images that the respondent would need to review and compare.  The most elegant solution I’ve thought of is to use a thumbnail image selector, but I’m not sure how to implement that on SurveyGizmo.


If you have any idea how to do that, or a suggestion of a better way to accomplish this image comparison, please let me know.



KiwiJoker answered

    Hi Priya,

    If you want something interactive, I think a simple route is to use a jquery lightbox system. SG is currently running on jquery 1.8.2, so you can easily add in a lightbox system.

    I don’t have experience implementing one of these in a survey, but I am sure it should be as easy as it usually is to use some of these prebuilt jquery systems.

    You can find some recommendations and demos at:

    (I found this by google’ing “jquery image gallery”)

    Top 50 jQuery Gallery & Image Sliders for 2019

    Jacob H (Moderator) answered

      I’ve used – easy to implement and works well.

      KiwiJoker answered


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