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How can I create, save and reuse a custom XLS export?  Specifically, I’d like to return specific fields from my contacts import file (3 invite custom fields), a small subset of the available standard fields, and the responses without having each time edit the report settings to delete all the fields I don’t want to show up in the results file.  Is there a way to specify what fields I want in the export just once and then reuse that? 

michaelmoss answered

    I was just playing around a little more and think I may have answered some of my own questions.  I guess once you build it, it remains in the list, so its “saved”.  I was able to figure out how to save it to a different name.

    Also saw where you can refresh the export.  However, when I tried to refresh it, previous responses were still there.  But i do see that in the settings tab of customize report I can set date parameters to restrict the outbut to responses provided in a given timeframe.

    michaelmoss answered

      Thank you Dominic.  I am new to SurveyGizmo and not a developer, so forgive me in advance for the dumb questions. 

      First, when you say “save it” – do I need to take any special steps to save it?  isn’t it automatically saved there in the export list?

      Second, how do you change the title of it?  When I copy it, I don’t get an option to name it.

      Third, how do you “refresh” the export?

      Just FYI, we’ll be downloading new responses monthly and won’t want responses from prior months included.


      Mike Moss

      michaelmoss answered

        Once you’ve customized an XLS export and saved it, it will be available for that specific survey under Results > Exports. I would suggest giving the export a meaningful title so that it’s easy to track down when you come back to this page.

        You can then either refresh the export (which will update the data but not update the settings) or you can create a copy of the export to reuse it (the copy option is available from the main Results > Export screen – on the far right next to your export you will see this icon:

        I hope this helps!

        Dominic Sharpe answered


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