When creating a report, can one group >1 answer choice together to create a single segment?


I’m interested in adding a new segment in the Compare section of a standard report. A question was asked to classify participants. There were 4 choices total. I would like to have 2 segments total. 1 segment is one of the choices available (i.e. Undergraduate) and 1 segment is 2 of the other choices combined together (i.e. Medical Student and MD/PhD together). I’m having a lousy, frustrating time figuring out how to combine the 2 answer choices as 1 group/segment.

I’ve tried using the logic under Create Advanced Segment, but nothing I try allows me to save the segment. The Save Segment(s) button is actually always dulled out so I can’t ever choose it. 

Can someone let me know if what I’m attempting is possible? And if so, how I can accomplish it?

tomq498008 answered
    Lola Gill 6.99K Rep.

    When building segments, one option will allow you to ‘Create Advanced Segments’ which gives you the option to build a more specific logic rule for your segment:


    Using this ‘advanced segment’ you will be able to create a condition based on two answers from the question that the segment is based on.

    Hope this helps!

    Megan Bronson45580 commented
      • Thanks. I reviewed that documentation page too when I was at my wit’s end. I felt like I was doing all the right stuff, but it still wasn’t working. Thanks for your comment. I appreciate your help.


      I’m having great difficulty getting this to work also.

      The feature makes sense. In my case i’m trying to create two groups from 5 responses to a question on frequency of usage. I successfully create “Frequent users” segment (those who respond daily, weekly, monthly).

      However, when I create a second segment (for the “infrequent users” (responded “annually” or “less than once annually”)) neither segment displays properly. Even if I drop the Frequent users segment, the “infrequent users” segment displays no data.

      It’s almost as if the tool will not permit a second segment to be defined at all?



      tomq498008 answered
        IS 2.21K Rep.

        Actually, while playing around with my copied report just now, I had a different problem where part of the advanced segment form was being displayed when it should not have been. I was making lots of changes trying to see if I could get the kind of error you were seeing and this is as close as I came. Reloading the page fixed the particular issue I had.

        If your issue persists, you may need to contact SurveyGizmo support directly.

        Megan Bronson45580 commented
          • Thanks for your input. I wondered if reloading would help, so I tried logging out and back in, closing the browser & then re-opening it, all to no avail. I’ll try again today and see if it was just a glitch I was experiencing yesterday.

          IS 2.21K Rep.

          I have done almost exactly what you are describing without problems.

          Megan Bronson45580 commented
            • I’m officially jealous. This looks like EXACTLY what I want to accomplish. Now that I know I’m on the right track, I’ll just keep trying. Maybe it was a glitch, maybe it was something else yesterday. Thanks for your input. I appreciate your help.



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