While creating a report, how do I gather (optional) comments from subquestions?


I created a survey with many sub questions (e.g. 2a, 2b, 2c, etc.). Each of those sub questions are in a likert scale and have an optional comments box below the scale (from the Validation tab). I need to generate a report that has the responses to comments organized by the subquestion (so the comments to 2a should all be together, the comments to 2b should all be together, etc.) When I run a test right now, I’m not seeing any comments to 2a, 2b, 2c, etc. How can I pull comments from subquestions?


Thanks in advance.

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    I can’t find a good way to do this in Gizmo reporting either, but you can export the results to CSV or similar and and see the subquestion comments. 

    There might (or might not) be ways do do it with hidden fields and custom scripting if you have not yet gathered your data. If you already have gathered the data and absolutely had to get the results with SurveyGizmo reporting, there might be a way to add hidden fields for each comment box, export the original results, import the comment fields into the hidden fields, and then report on the hidden fields instead.

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      • Thanks for your response. I have not yet gathered my data but with test data (sample size 60), I am not even retrieving the comments on my report that Gizmo automatically entered.
        Any idea how to (1st) see the responses, and (2nd) see the responses in bulk with the correct question?

        *I misspoke earlier – I am using the Allow Comments tool in Layout, not Validation

      • To see the comments, Results tab -> Individual Responses and then click on the response id numbers one by one will let you see the comments (along with all of the other answers for that response).

        To see them in bulk, I would recommend a CSV export of your data and then view with Excel, Google Sheets, or similar.



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