[Solved] Creating a recipient list from checkboxes


I was wondering if anyone had any advice on this.  What we would like, ideally, is a list of names in a checkbox field.  A submitter would select the names they wished to results of the survey to go to.  Each checkbox would have the person (or group) email address in the Reporting Value.  Then the list of all of the question’s reporting value(s) could then be used in the email response, in the TO field value.

I could create a separate email for each reporting value, but I would prefer something more dynamic as described above.


Also, currently, in my check box list, I have 2 test values (IT and Office Services).  If I go into either of the options, the Reporting Value is greyed out and will only allow me to hold the value of the label of the checkbox.  Is there any way to change this so my label can be IT and the reporting value could be something like IT@widgets.com ?

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    I think the reporting value route is the best out-of-the-box option for what you are wanting to accomplish (a more streamlined option would involve some scripting in all likelihood).

    Regarding your issue with the IT and Office Services reporting values, it sounds like you may just need to enable custom reporting values for that question:


    Hope this helps!

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