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Hi there!  I administered a training survey, and I decided to use one survey for a class taught by 4 instructors (as opposed to using 4 separate survey links). How can I create a separate visual report for each of the instructors?  Is there a way to do that within that one survey? 

I know how to do an aggregate report and/or export, but it would be GREAT if I could filter and get a report for each of the instructors out of this one survey.


Kevin Brady
Partnership for Public Service

Kevi asked

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    Hi Kevin!
    Great question! Is there any kind of identifying factor within your survey that tells you who the instructor is? This can be a question, URL variable, anything that is picking up the instructor’s name.

    As long as you have this, you can use it to filter on any report;) Here is a link that will show you more on how to filter your report:)



    Hope this helps!

    seanalee flaherty answered


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