[Solved] Creating an auto-populated date field, to allow for multiple date entries



my survey asks a questions “what date did you flood [within the month in question]?”.  It has one date field for the response, but it’s likely that folks flooded more than once in that given month.  Is there any way I can 1. create a date list (i.e. text list, but with an auto calendar option) or 2. a question that populates with a new date field every time the question is answered (so the individual can continue listing dates)?

Jacob H (Moderator) answered

    Hi Anna,

    One solution I can think of off the top of my head is using a Custom Group along with a Date field to achieve this.


    1. Create Custom Group
    2. Insert a Date Question inside the Custom Group
    3. Change settings in Custom Group – Validation to the following:


    By just doing this process you will get the following result:


    You can obviously modify the CSS to make it fit your layout and design needs.

    Jacob H (Moderator) answered


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