[Solved] How do we create tables with Multiple Headers row ?


I have tried to create table with multiple header row using surveyGizmo custom table control.Is this possible using surveyGizmo please find attachment.

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    I have never seen any options within SurveyGizmo that would allow to place sub-headers within grid questions.

    Our approach would be to set up each of your sub-headers as separate questions.  This would make the survey more user friendly – instead of one massive question they would see easier to understand blocks of questions.  It would also make it easier for us to analyze the responses.

    Unsolicited advice – It seems that you are converting a paper survey into an online version.  The example you provided looks someone made the design decision to build the question so that it fit onto a single page.  Since you are building an online version of the survey, you don’t have the same constraints. Be aware of how this question is going to look on a respondent’s screen and take advantage of the flexibility available to you.

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