How can I create side-by-side questions



In my current survey tool, I can ask two questions about a target, using drop down menus for each of the questions.  The drop down menus are side-by-side.  For example, I might ask two questions about our 10 courses; the two questions might be interest in taking (with a 5-point scale from Not Interested to Very Interested) and when they would take it (with a 3-point scale with three different dates and a N/A).  i would want these drop down menus to be side-by-side so that the reader only has to read the course description once when answering the two questions.

I’ve read about the custom group and custom table questions (and have tried them out), but they don’t seem to work with questions that have different response options. 

Can you suggest a solution?

Thank you!

Jim Wetherill answered

    Within the CUSTOM GROUP, you can put questions side-by-side regardless of the question type (if the space is available).  Just make sure that when you create a question that you open the LAYOUT tab, find the LINE BREAK option, and toggle it off.

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