[Solved] How can I create an NPS question via the REST API?



I would like to be able to create a survey question of the Net Promoter Score type (map_key “radio-nps”) via the REST API.

However, it looks like this may not be possible for that question type. When I try, I get an error “Unable to create survey question”. NPS is not listed as one of the examples for question type in the documentation. While I could create a radio question and then manually add options 0-10, this would not provide the NPS calculations that the NPS question type enables.

Is it possible for that question type to be created by API?

Thanks for any suggestions that could help!

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    It doesn’t look to be possible to create an NPS question via the Rest API.

    SurveyGizmo has a new partner API that supports this, but it does require a special account type acquired through SurveyGizmo partnership team:


    Hope this helps!

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