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Does anyone know how to create an index score of selected questions from within reporting.  I have two scenarios where this would be useful.  


  1. A series of related 5 point likert items.  Items 1-5 relate to one construct, items 6-10 relate to construct 2, and so on.  You want to know what percentage of people responded favorably (say 4 or 5) to questions 1-5, what percentage of people responded favorably to questions 6-10, and so on.
  2. You have an assessment where you rate multiple aspects of a product, with follow up questions if an item failed on a particular aspect.  So Q1 is aspect 1, Q2 is follow up to failures on Q1, Q3 is aspect 2 and so on.  At the end you just want the percent pass for the aspect questions (Q1, Q3…) ignoring the follow up questions.   

Quiz score is somewhat close to this but only looks at things at an individual participant level, and doesn’t give you quite enough flexibility in choosing specific questions to grade.  I know I can do this by downloading the data, and using SPSS (this is what I currently do), but I thought I would get ideas on how to do this natively.

Lola Gill answered
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    I don’t think this specific reporting is available via SurveyGizmo (aggregating data across several questions while omitting others).

    You may want to play around with Segmentation or Filtering to see if that at least gets you close:

    In both cases, you can essentially build rules for how you want to see your data. Filtering might be a good options because you can essentially filter your whole report according to a rule.

    For example, only show data for those respondents who answered 4/5 to questions 1-5.

    I’m not sure if this is entirely what you are looking for, but I thought I would just throw out some suggestions.

    Lola Gill answered


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