How to create a formula for a date in the future and import to Salesforce?


I am trying to create two things:

  1. I want to use the survey create date and import that date to Salesforce.  There is a Salesforce create date but this is  a custom field.  I don’t want to create a formula in Salesforce because the formula is  not the same for record types that are not generated through Survey Gizmo.  For this, I tried using the hidden value action:  [system(“date”)] but that did not work.
  2. I want to create a formula based on the survey complete date and add xxx days to it.  I would then like to import that date to Salesforce.  I do not want to create the formula in Salesforce for the same reason as #1.  
Mary L (Moderator) answered

    Hi Alyssia,

    1. Try this format: [system(“date”),format=”Y-m-d”].  This works for me when pushing dates to SalesForce.
    2. You could accomplish this with custom scripting and a hidden value field.  Do you have someone on your team with knowledge of PHP Code?  Convert the date to a Unix timestamp with this function, sgapiStrtotime(%%string,%%time) then write code to add the day amount, and set the value of a hidden value field.   (  



    Alyssia Syphers commented
      • I tried [system(“date”),format=”Y-m-d”] and [system(“date”),format=”dd-mm-yyyy”] and neither worked for me when importing to Salesforce date fields. I will ask about PHP for the other calculation. Any other ideas for importing dates?



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