[Solved] How do I create filters in the new Standard reports for a date in the future?


I’m not sure where to post these questions, but I’m hoping someone else has figured out some of the mysteries of the new standard reports.


I’m trying to create quarterly reports, and I need them to end as of tomorrow (3/31) at midnight, but I don’t particularly want to wait until midnight to create all the reports.  When I try to select a date filter now, it won’t let me pick a date in the future.  Does anyone know the secret?  Also, at the survey gizmo Unconference last year, they told me to always put in dates like this: 3/31/16 11:59 PM to be sure to capture all the surveys returned on 3/31.  I can’t seem to do that now either.


Thanks so much!

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    Hi Sheila,

    Thank you for inquiring about this feature.

    While this ability was not available in the initial release of the Standard Report, it has now been added. You should now be able to create date filters for future dates.

    Best regards,

    David – SurveyExplorer

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