[Solved] How do I create a border around a logo.


I have created a survey which incoporates a logo. To comply with the client’s style rule I need to create a 5px to 10px border around the logo. I am a pro user. How do I create such a border or position the logo so that there is a border around it.


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    The HTML template for the header section of a survey looks like this:

    <div class=”sg-header”>
        <div class=”sg-header-hook-1″></div>
        <img class=”sg-header-image” src=”[template(“header image url”)]” alt=”[template(“header image text”)]”/>

         [template(“survey title”)]

        <div class=”sg-header-hook-2″></div>


    You can add a border attribute directly to the <img> tag within the HTML template

     Customize the STYLE, open the Custom HTML/CSS editor, open the CUSTOM HTML page and add a border attribute to the <img> tag.  Something like border=”5px” should work:

    <img class=”sg-header-image” src=”[template(“header image url”)]” border=”5px” alt=”[template(“header image text”)]”/>

    An alternative would be to use a graphics editor like PhotoShop, Illustrator, or GIMP to place a border around the graphic and then reload it into your survey.

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