I was wondering if there is any feature that I can use for counterbalancing in surveygizmo.



LabDandeneau answered

    Hi, I have the same question. Usually, “counterbalancing” means the order of tasks/surveys/questions are different across participants – especially when one thinks that the order actually may have an effect. 

    Example. I’m presenting two images, and asking for ratings of both images. Participant 1 gets the following order: Image 1, rating 1, Image 2, rating 2. Participant 2 gets the following order: Image 2, rating 2, Image 1, rating 1. In this case, the image presentation would be counterbalanced. 

    Is there an “easy” way of counterbalancing survey pages across participants? Ex. If we set branching, Branch 1 gets order 1, and Branch 2 gets order 2. I know branching is easily done, I’m just not sure if there’s a way to “set order of pages” in SG for a specific branch. One issue is that we can’t simply randomise pages because rating 1/2 always follow Image 1/2.

    Thanks for your help!

    LabDandeneau answered

      Can you explain what you mean by the term ‘counterbalancing’?

      Jim W (Moderator) answered


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