Couldn’t find contact details , although existence when check contact details ?


 When trying to export responses as < CSV/Excel > or even check individual responses , I couldn’t find the contact details which had been uploaded and mapped on starting the campaigns.


Appreciate your help 

Employee Satisfaction Mailer asked

    Are you selecting the INCLUDE SURVEY CAMPAIGN DATA option when you create the export?

    Jim W (Moderator) answered

      The following attributes were obtained After exporting responses including ” SURVEY CAMPAIGN DATA ” :

      But I didn’t find Contact Details even after including the created campaigns from Filter <-  ” Edit Report Settings ”  :

      • Response ID
      • Time Started
      • Date Submitted
      • Status
      • Legacy Comments
      • Comments
      • Language
      • RefererExtended
      • Referer
      • SessionID
      • User Agent
      • Extended User
      • AgentTags


      Employee Satisfaction Mailer answered
        • Question – when you first created the EXPORT, did you select the INCLUDE SURVEY CAMPAIGN DATA from the DISPLAY OPTIONS? This option must be selected when the EXPORT is created – it cannot be added through the FILTER setting afterwards.



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