Couldn’t find contact details , although existence when check contact details ?


 When trying to export responses as < CSV/Excel > or even check individual responses , I couldn’t find the contact details which had been uploaded and mapped on starting the campaigns.


Appreciate your help 

Employee Satisfaction Mailer asked

    The following attributes were obtained After exporting responses including ” SURVEY CAMPAIGN DATA ” :

    But I didn’t find Contact Details even after including the created campaigns from Filter <-  ” Edit Report Settings ”  :

    • Response ID
    • Time Started
    • Date Submitted
    • Status
    • Legacy Comments
    • Comments
    • Language
    • RefererExtended
    • Referer
    • SessionID
    • User Agent
    • Extended User
    • AgentTags


    Employee Satisfaction Mailer answered
      • Question – when you first created the EXPORT, did you select the INCLUDE SURVEY CAMPAIGN DATA from the DISPLAY OPTIONS? This option must be selected when the EXPORT is created – it cannot be added through the FILTER setting afterwards.


      Are you selecting the INCLUDE SURVEY CAMPAIGN DATA option when you create the export?

      Jim W (Moderator) answered


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