[Solved] Could I use merge codes to display individual responses to multiple-choice, checkbox questions?


I currently have a survey which has mostly multiple choice questions that allow respondents to choose multiple options with checkboxes.


I am aware that merge codes allow you to display questions with the answers for those questions.


For example, the following code would display a question and all answers to it separated by commas if the question’s ID is 3:

[question(“value”), id=”3″]


Here’s my question: Is there a way to show one, individual response to a question at a time instead of displaying the question with all answers to it separated by commas?


For example, instead of a merge code for a multiple choice, checkbox question displaying this:

What are your favorite TV Shows?

The Blacklist, Law and Order, Seinfeld, Heroes, Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy


Is it possible to only display this instead?


Alison90 answered

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    Hi Tim!

    To display only a single selected answer option, instead of a comma-separated list of all selected answer options to a checkbox question, you may use the option=”” parameter in your merge code and reference a specific option from that question.

    Here’s an example to help illustrate this. Let’s say you have this question:


    We can find the necessary Ids by going to Tools > Survey Legend:


    So on page two of my survey, I could use the merge code [question(“value”), id=”2″, option=”10001″] to display the word “Red”, if that option was selected. Otherwise, the merge code will evaluate to nothing (so nothing will be displayed in place of the merge code).

    One sidenote/correction to your original question – merge codes will display the answer option(s) that were selected, but will not display a question’s title. There is a [question(“title”), id=””] merge code, but this is in reference to “option title” (as opposed to “option value”, which will give you the reporting value of the select answer option(s)).

    I hope this helps!

    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered

      Hi, apologies for the old thread, but has there been any update on this? 


      I am looking to create a hidden value that displays the first selected answer from a checkbox question


      Is this possible?

      Alison90 answered
        Tim 12 Rep.



        Thanks for the incredible answer!


        I just have one more question: is there a merge code to display one chosen option at a time from multiple-choice, check box questions? 


        In that case, the merge code would display an option on an individual basis only if it was chosen by the test taker —possibly in sequential order. 


        This would result in some amazing and personalized reports and email actions.


        Thank you,




        Tim answered
          • Hi Tim!
            This is how the question option merge code works – it will only be populated *if* that answer was selected. If you are looking for a merge code that will just give you the first option that was selected, I’m afraid SurveyGizmo does not have something like that built-in.

            As an aside, our Community is structured around a simple question and answer format, so it may be clearest to limit each “thread” to one question. This will also help ensure you get the quickest and highest quality answer to any future questions you may have (as when you post a new question, it will show up on the Community homepage and at the top of the question list) 🙂



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