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I have a survey where I need to edit about 10 existing survey responses.  I go to the individual responses and open the response to display the Data tab.  I click on edit for the page that needs to have some data corrected (it is one question that incorrectly had a state of optional so we need to update it to reflect the missing data).  I click on edit for the page in question and it opens the survey response for that page.  I correctly click on the correct answer and click on save.  However the survey response is not updating and if I repeat the step on the same data it does not show the response as updated.

Am I missing something as I do not understand why this would not work.

Jon Erickson asked

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    Hi Jon, thanks for using Community! I’ve tested this behavior in my account, and didn’t see any troubles – after saving the change, I refreshed my browser window and saw the new answer showing. The Date Submitted did not change, which I think is standard when using the per-page edit links (versus the response “Edit Link” found on the Details tab, which would update the Date Submitted).

    The bad behavior you’ve experienced seems to be something specific to your survey — if you’d like our Support team to investigate, please feel free to reach out to us directly at support@surveygizmo.com!

    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered


      I did not refresh the browser after saving the change so maybe that is why it looked like the updates did not take.  Maybe this should be referenced or a forced browser refresh should happen.  Oh well I fixed my problem by using the Edit Link and that worked fine.  Thanks for the response.

      Jon Erickson answered


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