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I have built a survey in a free account.  I would like to know if it is possible to copy the survey to another account.  I want one of my clients to use it but they will need a paid version of the product. 

Dominic Sharpe answered

    yes it is possible but you’ll need to ask SG to do it manually. I did it a few months ago.

    The forms are worded as if you are closing your old account and transfering everything to a new one, but if you ask nicely you can get them to transfer just one survey, especially if they are gaining your client as a new customer.

    I emailed them beforehand, then filled in the forms online along with lots of my comments to make sure they didnt close my account


    Justin Worsley answered

      Here is the documentation with the information that Justin was referring to (just in case you need it):

      Hope this helps!

      Dominic Sharpe answered


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