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I created a copy of a survey to use with a different sample of respondents, and copied the report and e-mail campaign along with the survey. I revised a couple of questions in the new survey and proceeded with the data collection. Now I’ve run the (copied) report in the new survey, and I see that the wording in the report for at least two questions I revised is the wording from the old questions. I went back into the survey questionnaire to double-check, and the wording in the survey is correct (has been revised). I did a refresh of the report after the initial run, but that didn’t help. The report doesn’t pick up the revised question language directly from the survey?

John W Curtis asked

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    Hi John,

    If you make changes to questions in the survey, you will need to run a brand new report or edit the elements in the existing report to reflect your changes.

    A refresh of the report pulls in new DATA collected but will not reflect any changes made in the survey at any time. A new report will always be the best way to go in those instances because it looks at the survey as it exists at the moment the report is created and pulls all the elements at that time.

    Sorry for any confusion on that, just remember that once a report is created, it’s essentially static and needs to be edited independent of a survey.

    Be excellent to each other,
    Justin Crowe
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    J.Crowe - SurveyGizmo answered

      Justin, thanks for the explanation.

      John W Curtis answered


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