Convert default CSV/Excel Export to Compliant XML


Hello all!  I wonder if you can help me — My company is developing a system that accepts XML file uploads provided that they are properly formatted.


Some of our users use Survey Gizmo.


The data element names, values, and in some cases constraints, will deviate from our compliant schema.  Our user community does not yet realize that the export they can get from Survey Gizmo will not just be able to be uploaded, as is, into our system.  There will need to be mapping to our data element names and conversation of data element names and values.

Are there any help resources that describe how to convert the Gizmo export into a compliant format?  At least CSV/Excel files that use our naming conventions and values; we can probably address the conversion to XML separately.




Jim W (Moderator) answered

    You can probably use questions aliases to address the naming convention problem.  See the documentation for details –

    I assume by “values”you are referring to the formatting of each column as text or integer.  In my experience, all of the fields in the SurveyGizmo export file open as GENERAL in Excel, so I am guessing that this problem will have to be handled manually. 

    Jim W (Moderator) answered


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