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I’m repeating a survey from last year, where we had a problem with the campaign mail, see image attached. Danish letters ÆØ and Å didn’t convert in the mail. I think, we solved it – but I want to make absolutely sure, that this wont happen this year, so how do I check. It looks fine when I test it, but how do I know for certain, before sending it out widely.




Mette Stenstru asked
    • Can you provide more information about how you solved the problem last year?
      The problem with most email is that the sender has no control over how the recipient’s email client is configured. My first, uninformed answer would be that recipients with their email clients configured for Danish would interpret the email correctly, but other recipients with different language settings might have a problem. You might be able to figure this out for yourself by send the email to various email addresses that you control and reconfigure the email language settings.


    Last time, you told me to make sure, that the message format was ‘HTML & Text’, but I think the platform has changed since then. Is Message HTML as opposed to Plain Text option, see attached?

    Mette Stenstru answered

      Problem is, that we didn’t realise the problem until we satrted getting examples like the attached back. As far as I remember, it’s something to do with HTML – but I just want to be sure, so we don’t make the same mistake…

      Mette Stenstru answered


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