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I have a tricky question to move from a paper survey to my Gizmo survey, look the image bellow.

There is Continuous sum, dropdown option an comment in the same question. what is the best way to do that?

Any help appreciated, Thanks


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    If it’s not critical that you keep all 3 components on the same page and encapsulated in a single question, your best bet will be to split the checkboxes, the continuous sum, and the dropdowns into 3 separate questions, like this:

    2.8 a) Please tick the types of activities that you perform: [checkbox question]

    ___ “Head-down”

    ___ Routine tasks

    ___ etc.

    2.8 b) Please indicate the percentage of time in a week that you spend on each of your selected activities: [continuous sum question]

    ____% “Head-down”

    ____% Routine tasks

    ____% etc.

    2.8 c) Please indicate your preferred location for each of your selected activities: [dropdown grid or other similar question type]

    ___________ “Head-down”

    ___________ Routine tasks

    ___________ etc.

    Then, what you would do is use either logic settings or piping to only show the relevant options in (b) and (c) that correspond to the selections from (a).

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