continuous sum question followed by radio button question with validation requirement


Hi everyone, 

I have this problem in my survey. 

Here is the example.


Q1. [CHECKBOX FORMAT] Which of these following animals that you would like to adopt (you can choose more than 1)

a. dog

b. cat

c. snake

d. hamster

c. turtle

notes: assume if respondent chooses 2


Q2. [CONTINUOUS SUM] How many do you like to adopt each animal? (must total up to 10)

a. hamster (6)

b. turtle (4)

notes: It will be listed as completed survey.


If respondents answering 

a. hamster (5)

b. turtle (5)


I will not be able to see which of the animal is most likely to be adopted since it has equal number. so then I added 1 more question


Q3. [RADIO BUTTON] Which animal do you prefer the most? (answer piping from what chosen in Q1, but It needs validation if respondent answered 5:5 on Q2, and also logic that the Q3 will only be shown to respondents who answer Q2 as in 5:5)


I have added HIDDEN VALUE on Q2 for each answers, and I’ve tried to put the LOGIC on Q3.. tried in on preview, but the Q3 question keep appearing whatever the answered value on Q2. 

I just want Q3 to appear only if it was answered 5:5 combination. 


My real situation is I have 25 option of answers on Q1.  Is there any feature that I can use to solve this? or should I just add logic of 300 combination of answers possibilities on Q3


Is there anyone like to share?



VamsiKrishna asked


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