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Not sure of the right words to frame this question.  I’ve been reading about survey integration, but not sure if this is the right way.

A couple of clients currently send a contact list each week for me to up load the contacts to the survey.  Although this does not take long it does mean I have to have staff always available for each upload.  

I’d ideally like this automated.  They do not use SalesForce.  

What is the best way to automate? Have their system send out the link or can we have it so that when they send a file (CSV).  Anything involving IT is so far a barrier to adoption, especially as the surveys can be linked to up to 20 different triggers (different products and experience events).  

Any suggestions on how I should be thinking about this or how to do it?  

Currently I am using my clients’ survey platform to do this but I want to migrate to SurveyGizmo which we also use.



seanmcnally380846 answered

    Thanks for the options Dominic.    

    seanmcnally380846 answered

      SurveyGizmo’s Email Campaign capabilities do not have built in automation features – email messages can be scheduled for specific times/dates, but contacts do need to be added to each campaign or for each send.

      One way to approach automating this would be through SurveyGizmo’s API (assuming you have development resources available):

      The API allows you to programmatically create campaigns and messages, and allows you to add contacts to those campaigns.

      If you are using a third party to manage you lists, it may be that you can integrate that third party with SurveyGizmo via a service like Zapier:

      I hope this gives you a couple of options to explore!

      Dominic Sharpe answered


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